Pictures from Pokhara, Amp Pipal, Nuwakot, and Kathmandu

Pokhara – These are pictures taken from the guest house at the Green Pastures Hospital

Annapurna Mountain Range
Rachel H trying to get a photo of the mountains
The Annapurna Mountain Range
Annapurna Mountain Range

On the Way to Amp Pipal Hospital

On our journey to Amp Pipal, we stopped on the way to take these pictures.

Rachel H
Maddie, Rachel H, Gabby
Partial group pix
All smiles for the camera..
Ready to Jump
Rachel H, Prof. Sinniah, Maddie
The Sinniah Research Group
The very soon to be Nurses
The Sophomores
The sophomores – 1
The Sisters
Jacob – Ready to Dance
Rachel S
The Nepal Team

In Amp Pipal


In front of the Amp Pipal Hospital Guest House where we stayed
Across the guest house in Amp Pipal
Amp Pipal Guest House – Waiting for the plan to take place
Mountains from the guesthouse in Amp Pipal
A close up of the mountains
The mountain range over the hills

Rachel H  – on our way to the Amp Pipal bazaar
Rachel H and Natalie

A local flower in Amp Pipal

A view of the mountains while walking..
On a trek to the Amp Pipal bazaar

The Hills of Amp Pipal
Walk from the Bazaar

At Pastor Druba’s Home in Amp Pipal
Dr. Beels and Natalie
Chill Rachel
Rachel H
Dr. Beels from a distance – trying to capture a photo
The evening sunlight on the mountains

The Amp Pipal Guest House at the Hospital
A view of the mountains in the evening
Gabby on our hike to Lig Lig mountain
Rachel S on our way to Lig Lig
Rachel H on our way to Lig Lig
Maddie at the top of Lig Lig mountain
Sam on top of Lig Lig mountain
The group
Hannah and Ellie on Lig Lig
Hannah and Ellie
The mountain view from Lig Lig

The hills below

More pix to follow

Manakamana VDC (a village on a hill top)
We visited Manakamana vdc to see the reconstruction/rehabilitation work done by World Renew after the major earthquake in Nepal in 2015.  These are pictures from Manakamana area.  We took a 2-hour wild bus ride from Nuwakot to Manakamana.

Attending a ceremony in a village on a top of a hill

The ceremony was held to handover 6 model houses built by World Renew

Our bus got stuck in the mud on the way to Manakamana

In front of a model home

World Renew is ahead of its construction schedule and have over 40% of the 280+ homes currently under construction

Nuwakot – the group visited an old palace in the Nuwakot area that was damaged by the 2015 earthquake in Nepal

A palace in Nuwakot damaged from the earthquake
Sam helping to hold up the palace