More Pictures from the Top of Lig Lig Mountain

A few more pictures from the top of Lig Lig Mountain.

View from Lig LIg
Ellie and Natalie
Chilling on top of the Lig Lig mountain
Hannah and Ellie
Hannah and Ellie
Team Nepal
Hannah and Ellie and Dr. Beels


One thought on “More Pictures from the Top of Lig Lig Mountain”

  1. Thank you, thank you all for sharing your hearts during this amazing trip the Lord brought you on. What a blessing to us back home to know the mighty works of the Lord across Nepal. You have all been in our prayers and will continue to be, as you return home and readjust to life back at Calvin. May the memories and experiences continue to make an impact on you and how you go forward in your calling from the Lord.
    Gods Mighty Blessing on you all!

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