Beginning to say our goodbyes..

Today marked our last full day in Nepal. It is so hard to believe that these 3.5 weeks are already done and we are soon headed back home. Thankfully, today was a wonderful last full day. We spent the morning hearing the testimony and life stories of Miriam Krantz. This wonderful lady of God has been in Nepal for 53 years and once she opens her mouth and begins to tell us her stories, it is very evident. We listened to her tell us her stories for over two hours in utter amazement. She grew up in Pennsylvania and at a young age of 16 felt called to serve in a Hindu country. Within three years, Miriam found herself on a boat to Nepal. Miriam told us about her beginning in Nepal, the struggles but also the many joys and laughter that surrounded her. Miriam then transitioned into many miraculous events she has seen happen and was a part of during her time in Nepal. One of the stories included her own road of health difficulties she endured just a few years ago. Miriam was very close to suffering a heart attack and thus underwent a high risk procedure. During the procedure, Miriam began hemorrhaging, turned very white, and no pulse could be felt. However, with the intervention of God’s hand, she stands before us this day to tell these stories. In all, we all thought it was very fitting and moving to hear from Miriam on our last day in Nepal. She beautifully summarized so much of what we experienced and also what we came to learn on this trip.

After our time with Miriam Krantz, we went to have lunch at Top of the World Coffee Shop. This coffee shop is owned by Dale Nafciger who is from Eastern Pennsylvania. He is a retired engineer who worked for United Missions and came to Nepal in 1979. He now runs this coffee shop with his family. The food there was delicious (dal bhat!! Momos, chowmein, etc.) and we all enjoyed wonderful drinks such as mocha freezes. Some of us also bought small bags of coffee from his shop to go back home with.

Our next stop was some shopping. Mrs. Beels expertly directed us to some beautiful craft stores in Kathmandu. These stores were 3 stories tall, with many different beautiful crafts available. Unlike the very touristy shops in Jamal, these shops sold their goods for a fixed price so no haggling happened. Many of us walked away with quality crafts such as singing bowls. We then made our back to the Goshen House to rest and refresh before our dinner.

We took off for dinner shortly around 6pm, a little saddened that this was our last dinner in Nepal. We went to Red Mud Coffee Shop and ordered various types of foods such as curies with naan or biryani. Many of us also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to order another cup of Nepali tea, something that many of us will miss back in the States. After our dinner we headed back to the Goshen House to get ready and enjoy the special and meaningful night that the students had planned for our last night in Nepal.

For our special night, we all gathered in one of the girl’s rooms and started with singing songs. We then went around a circle and shared the highs and lows/ joys and challenges of the trip together. The challenges some mentioned was adjusting to the cold/no heat in buildings and the different way of living over here as well as seeing the many trials and tears of the Nepali men and women that were suffering. The joys that were mentioned was this amazing group that we got to spend 3.5 weeks with and how everyone complimented each other so well and how there was so much laughter and essentially no conflict. Also, many mentioned joys of meeting the doctors at Tansen and Amp Pipal and being inspired by their work and wisdom and seeing the generosity of the Nepali people over and over again. We then prayed over our leaders and thanked them for their generosity, wisdom, leadership, and time on this trip and the planning leading up to the trip. Then followed chocolate cake (!!) with a slideshow of pictures and videos from our trip. Jacob lead us in a game and we then ended the night holding hands and singing the doxology together.

I can speak for all of us that this trip has been nothing short of amazing. We have all learned so much about the country of Nepal, the struggles of living here and practicing medicine, the people, ourselves, and what a great great and glorious God we have. It’s a bittersweet moment to pack up and get ready to board the plane home to the States where we all face another busy semester. Prayers for smooth and safe travel will be needed, and we hope to see many of our loved family and friends soon!

Our last cup of tea near the shopping area
The student led event on the last night in Nepal

Our last dinner in Nepal

Our last dinner in Nepal
Waiting to board the flight in Nepal