Thank You

Thank you to all of you for praying for those of us that traveled to Nepal, the people of Nepal, the doctors and nurses, and the missionaries we came into contact with.

This trip challenged all of us, especially the students as they seekĀ  and/or reflect on God’s calling for their future vocation, to understand what is it like to serve overseas and the joys and challenges that comes with it, and to develop a deeper appreciation for the work of the Holy Spirit in lands as far as Nepal.

Please continue to pray for the students as they adjust back to life at Calvin, and for the upcoming semester, and that they will not forget the lessons learned from this trip to Nepal.

–The Team Leaders (Prof. Sinniah, Dr. Beels, and Mrs. Beels)

Here are a few photos:

On the way down from the World Renew sites at Manakamana
Eating dal bath at the World Renew site
A view from Manakamana
On the way to the World Renew site
The bus got stuck on the way to Manakamana village
The bus that carried us to the village at the top of a mountain (World Renew site)
Our lovely host and Mrs. Beels during our visit to the WR site
An appealing new method for a sun tan – Kayla
A group sun tan
A view from Lig lig
The group at Lig Lig
A group pix
A view of houses in Amp Pipal
Kids we met on the way back from Amp Pipal Bazaar
At Amp Pipal Bazaar
Dr. Pauvdel (left), the inspiring physician at Amp Pipal Hospital
A street view in Amp Pipal
Getting ready to drive up to Amp Pipal from Pokhara
At Sri Jana farms
Rachel Moods and the billy goat
Chill Rachel and the billy goat
Dancing to K-Pop
More food at Sri Jana farms
Dinner at Amrita’s home
Group dancing at Tansen Nursing School Cultural Event
Cold evenings
At the Mental Rehabilitation Center at Tansen with some of the patients and administrators
At the Patan Durbar Museum
Shopping at Beauty for Ashes
Jacob trying on clothes at Beauty for Ashes
Being comfy at Goshen guest house
At Patan Durbar Square
Washing the feet of a homeless person