Tentative Itinerary

January 2: 1:00PM: Departure from Grand Rapids to Chicago.

January 3Blog Update: Kumar Sinniah

January 4: Arrival in Kathmandu. Settle in Goshen Guesthouse.
Devotions in the evening: Kumar Sinniah
Blog Update: Rachel Schilling

January 5 IRIS Ministries Street evangelism (unconfirmed). On the way back walk thru center of Kathmandu. Return to Goshen House. Rest. Evening: Supper with Reiny de Wit (teacher training at Early Childhood Education Center).  This will be a very informal setting and an opportunity to engage in dialogue.
Devotions in the evening:  Theo Beels
Blog Update: Kayla DeWyn

January 6: 9:15 AM Beauty for Ashes.  Students will lead a 10 min devotion for the women. Translation to Nepali will be provided. Tour of the facility. Lunch with staff.
Afternoon: 2:00 PM visit office of Medical Teams International in Bhaisapati with  Anders: 981 005 3682.
Supper with Kara De Bruyn.
Devotions in the evening: Beth Beels
Blog Update: Rachel Hoogmoed

January 7 Travel to Tansen (private minibus – 8-hr drive).  Brief tour after arrival.  Settle in guesthouse.
Devotions in the evening: Rachel Schilling
Blog Update: Maddie Hartwig

January 8: 9:00 AM Do devotion for pastoral care team.  Meet with pastoral care to get insight in the role of the pastoral care team in counseling, prayer and teaching of the patients and their challenges in deciding how much charity to give followed by visit to New Life Psychiatric rehab center, a recently started ministry to take care of the chronically mentally ill who would otherwise be homeless.

In PM possible visit to Children’s home for orphans. Students will be encouraged to interact with the children as much as possible.

Nursing students will be ready to visit the wards by 7:00 AM. Tour of the hospital, meet people, stay at the ward of choice.
Devotions in the evening: Kayla DeWyn
Blog Update: Jacob Stout

January 9-13:   United Mission Hospital.  Students rotate in pairs of 1-2 through medicine, pediatrics, surgery, orthopedics, maternity,  and nursing school. This will consist of observation of expat and Nepali doctors with extensive debriefing in the evening hours to process the frustrations of working in a limited resource setting and appreciating all that can be accomplished.

Nursing students will be at the wards from 7 AM-3 PM on Monday,  Tuesday, and Thursday.   On Friday, Nursing students will join the Director of Nursing School and meet with four visiting Nursing students from South Korea and then be at the wards in the PM to say Goodbyes.

January 9: Discussion and Devotions: Discuss book on “Healing” and the role of the Holy Spirit.
Blog Update: Natalie Anumolu

January 10Devotions: Two short videos and discussion.
Blog Update: Ellie Peterson

January 11:   AM: 4 hour block on healing prayer. Two Mary Sterenberg videos, discussion and prayer.  PM free time in bazaar. Dinner at Amrita.
Nursing Students: Volleyball or Badminton with Nepali Nursing Students after supper.
Devotions in the evening: Jacob Stout
Blog Update: Sam Vander Griend

January 12:   Evening dinner at Pun Narayan.
Devotions in the evening: Natalie Anumolu
Blog Update: Gabrielle Barthel

January 13:  Devotions in the evening: Ellie Peterson
Blog Update: Hannah Peterson

January 14:  Tansen church in AM.  then by private 4 wheel drive vehicle (road will be bumpy!) to Experience a Nepali village setting. This will not only provide a perspective on village life but also will be a peaceful setting for reflection, writing and prayer.
Devotions in the evening: Sam Vander Griend
Blog Reflections: Rachel Schilling

January 15:  Srijana farm: Retreat. Spend time with the Lord!
Devotions in the evening: Hannah Peterson
Blog Reflections: Kayla DeWyn

January 16:  Travel by bus to Pokhara (5 hours) stay at YWAM Lamachaur church house.
Devotions in the evening: Gabrielle Barthel
Blog Reflections: Rachel Hoogmoed

January 17:  Day at YWAM.  Lodging at Green Pastures rehab hospital.
Devotions in the evening: Rachel Schilling
Blog Reflections: Maddie Hartwig

January 18:   Visit to Green Pastures rehab hospital. Get educated about the challenges of living with a handicap in Nepal and how Green Pastures is helping.
PM visit to tourist section of Pokhara.
Devotions in the evening: Kayla DeWyn
Blog Reflections: Jacob Stout

January 19Travel to Amp Pipal.
Devotions in the evening: Rachel Hoogmoed
Blog Reflections: Natalie Anumolu

January 20:  Amp Pipal hospital tour, meal with Dhruba and Dhana Adhikari.  Thomas Hale and his wife Cynthia worked as doctors at Amp Pipal and have written about their adventures. (see Living Stones of the Himalayas, Don’t let the goats eat the loquat trees)
Devotions in the evening: Maddie Hartwig
Blog Reflections: Ellie Peterson

January 21: Day trek up to Liglig kot.
Devotions in the evening: Jacob Stout
Blog Reflections: Sam Vander Griend

January 22: Travel to Nuwakot: Lunch. Meet with  Ram Singh Tamang, World Renew Staff and partner Nari Jagaran Samaj.  Meet with Government Officers and vdc secretary  to know what the World Renew has done, (if time allows,meet with Nuwakot Christian Youth Revival Commitee to know about the Earthquake Response). Visit Ram Singh’s Church,  Dinner at his home.
Devotions in the evening: Ellie Peterson
Blog Reflections: Hannah Peterson

January 23:  Visit the field.  We will move early in the morning, visit the Manakamana-6 and 7, meet with field staff, lunch, visit the model houses constructed by World Renew, do some interview with the local leader,  meet with local Pastor Mr. Hem B. Tamang, meet with women’s group, back to Bidur, then move to Kathmandu at 4:00  a.m. from Bidur.  Reach Kathmandu at 7:00 p.m. by bus and settle in Goshen House.
Devotions in the evening: Kumar Sinniah
Blog Reflections: Gabrielle Barthel

January 24:  PM visit to Arbin and Bimala (Higher Ground), a ministry started by a Calvin grad to combat sex trafficking.
Devotions in the evening: Theo Beels
Blog Update: Kayla DeWyn

January 25AM: Meet Miriam Krantz an American missionary who has lived in Nepal since 1963.  PM: Visit Swayambhu Stupa.
Farewell to Nepal evening. Students in charge to make this a meaningful event!
Blog Update: Rachel Hoogmoed

January 26Free time, opportunity for shopping, departure in the evening.
Blog Update: Kumar Sinniah

January 27Arrival in Chicago. Travel by vans from Chicago to Grand Rapids.

Every evening: Devotions, students and faculty take turns, meetings with Nepali faith leaders, worship, book reports, discussions, processing of the day’s events and possibly relevant movies.